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Podcast about volcanoes across
nature, culture and society


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Sam Mitchell & Huw James

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Featured Episode


Featured Episode

Introductions and inspirations with Huw James

Welcome to VolcaKnowledge! A new podcast all about how volcanoes interact across nature, culture and society, hosted by volcanologist Sam Mitchell and produced by science presenter Huw James.

In this episode, Sam and Huw talk about the inspiration behind this podcast series, their personal connections to the world of volcanoes, and what volcanoes mean to us as a society.

The Podcast
About Us

About Us

Dr. Samuel Mitchell is a British-born volcanologist and science communicator at the University of Bristol with research interests across volcanology and marine geology.

Sam Mitchell - Host

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Huw James - Producer

Huw James is a Science Presenter, Adventurer and Content Creator from Wales, UK. Huw has done talks and shows on 6 continents around the world about science, adventure and more.

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VolcaKnowledge Podcast is supported by the American Geophysical Union Sharing Science program



VolcaKnowledge supports the Geology for Global Development charity

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Geology for Global Development (GfGD for short) is a UK based charity which champions the role of geology in sustainable development. Their aim is to mobilise and reshape the global geology community to help deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Their work focuses on a few key areas:


  • Providing geologists with the skills to make an effective contribution to sustainable development; 

  • Developing and supporting programmes to improve lives and livelihoods in the Global South, through access to geoscience; 

  • Advocating for the integration of geoscience into sustainable development at international forums, as well as working to reshape the global geology community to better serve society. 

You can find out more about the work of GfGD by visiting their website, or following them on social media, including Twitter (@Geo_Dev). If the work, vision and strategy of GfGD excite you, you can also support their work by making a donation or fundraising on their behalf.


Find out more on the their website.

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